personal research lab

 on graphic design &communication

The goal is to develop and test new visual practices, improve and extend skills to push back the limitation of visual communication.

  • Art direction

    Defining the visual aspect of the communication mean used and offering some concepts which will then be declined into media campaign : flyers, press releases, posters, TV and radio spots… and non-media campaign : selling speeches, direct marketing…these campaign will define the nature of the image, the ambiance, the setting, the aesthetic of the universe, the composition, the typography , the texts, the informations hyerachy, …

  • Branding

    Working on the image and/or the awareness of a brand. It is the management of your image. A brand is a type of language, in the images chosen but also in the words used. Visible on so many different level (sound, touch…) a brand tells the viewer, the value of a product, its aim and give it a sustainable identity.

  • Graphic design

    Create, choose and use graphic elements ( drawing, typography,photography, colors…) to design a cultural communication object. Used in different type of work (illustration, posters, press, packaging, industrial communication, web design, signs, identity…) Graphism is part of the graphic line inter-linked with printing or other type of media.

  • Illustration

    The illustration is a personal and graphic vision that goes along with a text or a story, a commercial… it gives a visual aspect to the message send. The illustration can be part of a biger project like branding for example.

  • Interaction design

    It is creating services : creating a Relationship, some simplicity, some desir,and more. It is resume by some sensitive analytic process, some proposition and creation of new designs more in harmony with the new questions of humanity, culture, economy,politique and technology that are asked because of the interactive industry. Interaction design can be find in different sectors ( marketing, éditions, ingeniring, graphism…). Used as an overall and contextualised to transform an innovative idea or technology into a product.

  • Motion design

    Motion graphics are often Small videos that combine graphism and movie. We can see 2D and 3D elements, videos, movies, typography, illustration, photography or even music.



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